Berkeley Ergonomics Behavior

Look at the posts that Berkeley Ergonomics left on my blog.  

This is how they treat their paying customers

 Also, in a mattress forum where people are cordial and sharing their experience with Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses, that another consumer originated, Berkeley Ergo chooses to attack me
Below are the two posts by Berkeley Ergonomics and the link to read the whole thread.

Note how Berkeley Ergonomics totally avoids the issue of the 
non-disclosure of the synthetic Polypropylene that I raise. 


It appears no one at Berkeley Ergo is capable of conflict resolution. 

1.  Why don't Berkeley Ergonomic dealers include the synthetic Polypropylene component when they are 
listing the other components? 
2.  Why doesn't Berkeley Ergonomics mandate their dealers to include the Polypropylene when they are listing the other components, so consumers can have ALL the information?   

​​3. Why doesn't Berkeley Ergonomics mandate their dealers to stop all false claims?

This is the formula for Polypropylene;